tisdag 12 september 2017

WayHaught - Bury Your Gay Trope, LGBTQ representation, and BULLETPROOF LESBIANS

"We did something really unprecedented, something I've never done ever on a show," Andras told BuzzFeed News on a recent phone call. "Given the year the LGBT community has had, we actually went on the record and made a comment that Nicole and Waverly are alive at the end of the season. If you care to get involved with this couple, I just want to let you know — their hearts are still beating by the end of this year."


Now that is Way... cool. Because gurl, Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught be thick like thieves - always taking each others, and my, breath away.

All smooshed together - just like I want them. Och obviously inte är ensam om, för Wynnona Earp verkar ha blivit en sån där kultserie med hardcore-fans som älskar sina queera karaktärer, you know - alive. Hey, they ain't asking for much, one would assume, men att döma av hur många hbtq-karaktärer på film/tv som blivit offade genom tiderna (184), så är det faktiskt en big thing att två kvinnor som är i ett romantiskt förhållande med varandra får ha sin air time fredad - om än blott en stund. Because we miss you, Tara. And we love to miss you, which makes it even worse. Damn you, Joss Whedon!

Men ja inte nog med att WayHought överlevde säsong 1, dom överlevde även hela säsong 2! Gretchen på fandomentals drar slutatsen att dom (och dom andra queera karaktärerna i Wynnona Earp) must be some new type of superhero, more specifically The Unkillable Queer! "Under the guiding hands of Emily Andras, the team of writers who gave us Wynonna Earp have done the impossible. They created the Unkillable Queer. And not just one character falls into this trope, one was not enough. No, they gave us three (one could legitimately argue four) queer characters who survived this season."  

Be still, my queer, titanium, heart. <3


Katherine Barrell som spelar en gravid Wynonna Earp och blev E's Girl on Top, skrev en dikt som hon framförde på nätet. Which is awesome, even if not as awesome som det faktum att hon numera är en gunslinging preggo superhero.

Before I was Girl on Top of E! Online
I was on top of that man of mine
The result was a baby and I thought that maybe
Season two would be canceled by Syfy
But it wasn't! And the fans were nonplussed
By my ginormous u-terus
Earpers voted in droves, identifying roads
Now we're all dreaming in captchas
So, high five to my former fetus
And to Mama Earp, Emily Andras
And also to E! for including me in this list of incredible females
But the biggest thank you of all, goes to our fandom, more mighty than small
Your support whose great depth leaves me completely shooketh
Boobs are better than dynamite, y'all

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