torsdag 25 augusti 2016

Artikel/Nyhet - Caster Semenya wins Olympic gold but faces more scrutiny as IAAF presses case


In 2013 it was revealed that four young female athletes from developing countries, all with atypically high but entirely natural levels of testosterone, were sent to a clinic in France where doctors proposed removing their gonads and partially removing their clitorises. All four agreed, and a year later they returned to competition.

Indignation was swelling in Semenya’s breast. And when she let it rise, what poured forth was more than extraordinary. Asked how, exactly, she felt she had made a difference to her sport she replied: “I think it is all about loving one another. It’s not about discriminating against people. It is not about looking at how people look, how they speak, how they run, it is not about being muscular. It is all about sport. When you walk out of your apartment you think about performing, you do not think about how your opponent looks. So I think the advice from me to everybody is just to go out there and have fun.” 

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